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Have you had your
glass cleaned?


Out of all the materials out there, glass is already used in most of our homes. The use of glass in modern architecture and home decor is rarely thought of as decorative and is thought to be more utilitarian.

Glass can come in several forms from the glazing, to countertops and decorative walls to tables, chairs, fish tanks, mirrors… the list goes on and on of glass furnishings that we use daily in our dwellings. Although it adds to the beauty of our houses but maintaining the glass has never been easier. Glass Polishing S.A. has vast experience in not just caring but repairing the damaged and scratched glass in homes too.

Have you had your glass cleaned? Cleaning damage on household glass is the most common cause of damage!

  • Glass, Ceramic and Metal Polishing& protect
  • Swirls and Scratch Removal
  • Limescale, Salt Deposits and Stains Removal
  • Durable Invisible Nano-layer Application
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