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Save the replacement cost


In today’s modern construction scenario, large glass surfaces are more and more used. Glass as a building material is quite a delicate subject because damage to the surface (not structural) such as scratches, incisions, grout spots, grinder and welder splatters are practically unavoidable during such a lengthy construction process.

In addition to the damage that occurred at the building site, there are other potential sources of wear such as careless logistics, cleaning,
ageing and vandalism etc.

A few years back, glass replacement was the only solution for these damages, but today, with the advent of modern techniques, it is possible to save the replacement cost with an affordable repair and restoration procedure.

We also offer Glass Restoration Services.

  • Glass, Metal & Ceramic Polishing
  • Grinder & Welder Splatter Removal
  • Durable Invisible Nano-layer Application
  • Limescale, Salt Deposits and Stains Removal
For your glass care services and repair solutions