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These ultra-thin coating products are formulated with an inorganic sol-gel technology developed exclusively by Nanovations. Unlike traditional soft glass coatings that cover the surface structure of the glass with a thin layer of non-stick chemicals, the Nano Glass treatment follows the contours of the glass surface right down to the Nano level with a hard inorganic layer.

The technology creates water and dirt repellent effects on glass substrates that are invisible and incredibly thin. These glass treatments are ideal for various applications: from facades and automotive windshields to shower screens and solar panels. The use of such thin layers offers numerous advantages to the older alternatives.

The use of inorganic material also provides UV resistance, a necessary feature for the long term use of such coatings on external areas. Products also offer additional scratch resistance and reduction in dry dust accumulation. These actual nanotechnology products outperform any other products in abrasion, UV resistance and chemical resistance.

Features & Benefits of Nano Coating

Economical and long-lasting, Excellent Protection for new and old surfaces, Water and Dirt Repellent, Invisible Hard Coating, UV Resistant, True Nano-scale thin film, Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Easy to clean/self-cleaning effect, Up to 10 years of durability. Reduced cleaning labour (A reduction in labour cost budget), Reduced cleaning cycles (A significant reduction in cleaning products expenses), Environmentally friendly, At least 20% more surface brilliance, Maintains the original beauty of the surfaces longer, A more hygienic environment reducing mould and bacteria, Resistance to leaching of calcium and sodium from hard water.

Our vision is to take existing Nano-technologies used in cutting-edge industrial applications, together with new developments in the field and bring them together in a range of products specifically designed for the automotive and associated industries… Most people are entirely unaware of Nano-technology, coatings so thin and flexible they are 500 times lighter than human hair giving excellent protection to all surfaces, hard and soft, porous and non-porous. So, is this the coating the automotive industry has been searching for?

The Nano Auto-Protect (NAP) coatings are invaluable to any individual or business that uses them and are responsible for the upkeep/maintenance of vehicles. The automotive formulations have been principally designed to protect painted surfaces, metals, plastics, composites, fabric and glass both internally and externally.

The formulations give protection from UV, heat, acid rain, road salt, traffic deposits, chemicals and abrasion damage. A correctly applied application will last between 36 and 54 months depending on use and climate conditions; in tests, surfaces looked better, stayed cleaner for longer visibly, and even surface scratching was significantly reduced even in high wear/abrasive situations.

We also offer Glass Restoration Services.

This Service is offered in all branches.

Glass Scratch Removal Services glass_polishing_nanotech_cars
  • All our coatings are 100% natural, chemical-free, anti-corrosive, anti-stick and provide easy-clean surfaces.
  • They produce a superhydrophobic surface, which makes it perfect for all vehicles regardless of operating environment.
  • Keeps protected surfaces cleaner for longer.
  • Creates a self-cleaning effect on treated surfaces when it rains.
  • Makes surfaces far easier to clean – no need for detergents.
  • Stops dirt and debris, including brake dust and bird droppings sticking to surfaces.
  • Keeps that ‘just-waxed’ look to the bodywork
Protect the environment and reduce waste by repairing instead of replacing!