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Glass Restoration. Headlights Restoration. Windscreen Repairs.
Marble & Granite Restoration. Glass Nano Coating
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In today’s modern construction scenario, large glass surfaces are more and more used. Glass as a building material is quite a delicate subject because of damage to the surface (not structural) such as scratches, incisions, grout spots, grinder and welder splatters…


Just like in windscreens, a cloudy or foggy headlight can blur a driver’s vision at night, causing eye strain or fatigue, which can all contribute to slower reaction time and the risk of accidents. Headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight lenses that have become discoloured or dull.


Aeroplanes, Boats, and Yachts are exposed to many harsh environmental conditions, which results in their glass or glass-like surfaces being compromised in their optical brilliance. From small fishing boats to cruise liners, small private jets to monster planes…


If you have a stone floor, wall, countertop vanity or shower that has become etched, or has lost its shine and beauty, then it is probably time to call a professional stone restoration specialist. We provide cleaning, restoration and polishing to the highest standards of marble, granite…


A car windscreen is not only a screen of glass between the driver and the other motorists; it plays an important safety function. A dirty or damaged windscreen can blur a driver’s vision, causing eye strain or fatigue, which can all contribute to slower reaction time…


These ultra-thin coating products are formulated with an inorganic sol-gel technology developed exclusively by Nanovations. Unlike traditional soft glass coatings that cover the surface structure of the glass with a thin layer of non-stick chemicals, the Nano Glass treatment…

Do you have any of these below headaches. Click here to see some of our before and after jobs

Weld or Grinder Spatter
Weld or Grinder Spatter
Shower door limescale
Shower door limescale
Multiple Scratches
Multiple Scratches
Headlight scratches
Headlight scratches
Abrasive Pads Scratches
Abrasive Pads Scratches
Headlight scratches
Construction Site Scratches
Construction Site Scratches
 Grinder Spatter
 Grinder Spatter

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Nano Tech
Glass Scratch Removal Servicesglass_polishing_aboutus
What we’re about

We repair, restore and Nano-seal to protect the damaged glass to the required standards for the appearance of newly installed glass. We also offer Glass Restoration Services

For new automobiles, trains, yachts and new building glass, we seal to protect. The sealing to protect ensures the durability of the glass, the glass becomes highly durable, scratch-resistant, chip-resistant, dirt-resistant, hydrophobic, and UV protected. We also polish and Nano-seal other surfaces. Other surfaces include ceramic, Perspex and any metal surfaces.

Glass Scratch Removal Servicesglass_polishing_teamwork
Core Purpose

To provide our clients and community an environment friendly affordable solution; to deal with problems related to wear and tear of glass and any other glass-like surfaces, with continuous innovation and perfection.

Core Values

Loyalty & team work, Respect for individuals, Innovation & Perfection. Our core values clarify who we are and what we stand for. They guide our business relationships and practices, our decision making, and our work.

Glass Scratch Removal Services glass_polishing_ourmission
Our Mission

Become pioneer in product sales & application in automotive, marine, aerospace and commercial sector with the employee strength of more than 1,000 by 2025.

Did You Know?

Nearly 1.2 tonnes of CO2 is emitted for every 1000 kg of packed float glass produced – that’s more than the weight of the glass itself going up in smoke!

Through technology we are able to provide glass restoration solutions that not just save the cost but environment too.

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We Restore & Protect

Since 2009, we have been working tirelessly in researching, sourcing and developing the most advanced glass repair, restore and protection processes.

Glass Scratch Removal Services

We are offering specialized glass restoration and protection services to automotive, residential, commercial, construction and other industries.

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Nano Technology

The Nano Auto-Protect (NAP) coatings are invaluable to any individual or businesses that use and are responsible for the upkeep of vehicles.

The formulations have been designed to protect painted surfaces, metals, plastics, composites, fabric and glass both internally and externally.

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What our clients say

Thank you for the fast and efficient service. We will gladly refer you. Keep up the good work.- Nictex Head Office
The quality of the framing was good with an awesome service. They got it just right. Great firm.- Delta Marketing Head Office